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2014-07-10 SSJID's Jeff Shields

July 10th - 7:30 PM Jeff Shields, SSJID

South San Joaquin Irrigation District's General Manager, Jeff Shields, will be the featured speaker. Jeff will provide an update on both the drought situation's near and longer-term outlooks for our region as well as SSJID's bid to become our electric provider to lower costs.

Drought concerns take front and center in this 2014 irrigation season and we in Manteca are in relatively good shape this year, but if the drought continues, the future impacts may be dramatic - as they already are in some areas of the state. During the worst drought in California, the District's goal is to make enough water available for the irrigation season to assure growers have a successful crop and that the municipal water users receive enough high quality water from the Water Treatment Plant to protect the health and safety of the community. Jeff will provide the latest forecasts, the water rights battle raging in Sacramento, and why the predicted El Niño does not necessarily mean a wet winter for our region and could result in a drier than average year and worsening drought. In fact, based on previous droughts, Manteca may see our water table drop 20 feet by October with impacts to some wells and to growing salt intrusion to our aquifer. Read more on the actions SSJID is taking at:

SSJID's bid promises to provide retail electricity with achieve significant cost savings, service improvement and increased reliability to its current agricultural customers, residents, businesses and governmental entities within Manteca, Escalon, Ripon and surrounding rural areas. Jeff will provide an update on the LAFCo approval process.

Join us to hear Jeff's perspective on what our future holds for both electricity and water and get answers to your questions too!

-- Join us each 2nd Thursday, 7:30 - 9:00 PM at:

Chez Shari (at the Manteca Golf Course) 305 North Union Road

2014-06-24 Energy Summit

June 24th - 5:30 PM We're supporting the North Valley Energy Summit

How hydraulic fracturing could re-energize California’s economy

The debate over advanced oil extraction technology affects how much you pay for gas and utilities and what economic opportunities are available for you and members of your family.  California boasts 60% of America’s shale oil reserves – enough to replace Middle Eastern imports nationwide for the next 20 years.

A recent study by CSU Fresno says developing these resources could create 195,000 new good jobs and raise incomes by $22 billion.  However, some people say the technology is unsafe and should be stopped at all costs.

At the Summit, expert speakers provided a wealth of objective information.  Presentations included:

  • John McDonald, Silego Technology

Engineer and entrepreneur with one of America’s fastest growing startup companies on providing affordable and reliable power to fuel the high tech jobs of tomorrow

  • Ken DeVore, National Federation of Independent Business – California

Legislative advocate with California’s leading small business association on winning the political fight for good jobs

  • Betty Plowman, California Construction Trucking Association

Representing truckers from independent operators to large fleet owners on increasing access to affordable gas and CCTA’s legal fight against CARB’s diesel regulations

  • Pastor Bruce Rivers, Greater Exodus Baptist Church

Pastor Rivers leads a coalition of thousands of clergy who support community empowerment through the creation of quality jobs

When:                                   Tuesday, June 24th  

Time:                                    5:30 pm to 6:30 pm pre-event registration and mixer with free refreshments

                                            6:30 to 8:30 pm North Valley Energy Forum

Where:                                Chez Shari, Manteca Golf Course Clubhouse, 305 N Union Rd, Manteca, CA 95337



2014-06-12 Austin Erdman, SJCo Registrar

June 12th - 7:30 PM Austin Erdman, San Joaquin County Registrar

Austin Erdman conveyed passion and diligence in his execution of the office of San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters. He spoke about what happens leading up to an election and after the election to ensure election integrity. Austin fielded many questions from the audience and his answers left everyone with great respect for the job he is doing. He cleared up a number of misconceptions of where the system is susceptible to fraud and stressed how that especially in local races, every vote does indeed count and that as of that evening, some races were still too close to call.

See his vision on

Austin Erdman is the Registrar of Voters of San Joaquin County.  He earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Public Administration a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and graduated from Lodi high school.  An active member of the California Association of Clerks and Election Officials (CACEO), and elected officer, Mr. Erdman has chaired many committees on voting.

Mr. Erdman has cultivated Public Private Partnerships with the University of the Pacific Jacoby Center for Public Service and Civic Leadership, local businesses, students, and local organizations, in the development of elections training and education programs; and, the PEW Research Center ­in the exploration of Vote-By-Mail/Early Voting through education, participation, and direct marketing.  As an expert in his field, Mr. Erdman served as Panelist on the Secretary of State’s Future of Voting panel, a UOP workshop to educate potential candidates running for Office, and the PEW Center’s elections “think-tank” held in Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Erdman successfully obtained financing, purchased and installed a County-wide touch screen voting system, led the migration of the County’s voting system through major reforms, conducts successful elections, and is the grantee/manager of various federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) grants.  Mr. Erdman also co-authored a book, “More Votes that Count – A Case Study in Voter Mobilization” (Berkeley Press 2012).

Mr. Erdman also actively farms Walnuts in Linden California.

We are fortunate to have diligent public servants like Austin!

2014-05-08 Panel - Fracking and Global Warming

May 8th - 7:30 PM Panel Discussion

David Marks led a panel discussion at the May Manteca Patriots meeting.  The panel discussion covered the truths about CO2 and how environmentalists use Global Warming to halt fracking.  Joining David was John McDonald and Eric Eisenhammer.  John covered the effects of environmental policy on businesses and how fracking can reduce the high cost to conducting business in California.  Eric covered the issues surrounding fracking and sensible energy policies.

David, an engineer by trade, has analyzed the environmentalists' argument on climate change from a scientific point of view, and will be presenting on his own findings into the flaws in their methodology. The scientific "consensus" on climate change may not be as well-grounded as it is claimed to be. Come and enjoy this informative presentation on one of the hot-button issues that is the foundation for many progressive economic and social policies coming out of Washington and Sacramento today. David is one of the founding Board members of the Manteca Patriots.  David earned his AA degree from Sawyer college, BSEE with a minor in math from CSU Fresno, and his MBA in operations from CSU Stanislaus.  David has taught courses at ITT Tech and an adjunct professor at CSU-Stanislaus.

John is the VP of marketing for Silego Technology, Inc. - a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Santa Clara. John came to Silego in early ‘08 to lead the turn-around of Silego to be more than twice the size, far more profitable, and has shipped the 1 billionth unit of new product families. Prior to Silego, John worked as the as the VP of Marketing at the startup Cypress MicroSystems which eventually spun into Cypress Semiconductor with value exceeding $200M+. John has also worked for Analog Devices in the Precision Op Amp group and as an advanced analog bio-medical design engineer for 6 years in Washington State. John has his BSEE from the University of Washington (’90), has authored numerous technical articles, and holds 6 patents with others pending.

Eric is the founder of Coalition of Energy Users and a small business owner with ten years of experience working on grassroots political campaigns focused on tax policy, energy and job creation.  He is an articulate public speaker and skilled in the areas of web design and email and social media communications. He is also active in community social betterment activities in the fields of human rights and anti-drug education.  Eric earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge and a Master's in Public Policy and Administration at

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